Boston – Good Men Media, a cross-platform media company that
distributes content related to the question, "What does it mean to be a
good man?" said on Tuesday that it has received $500,000 in funding.

include project founder Tom Matlack and angel investors Grant Gund, Jack
Roberts, Mick Jackson and Michael Margolis.

Boston-based Good Men Media was launched in March, after The
Good Men Project started in 2009 as a book.

The executive team includes New
York Times Magazine writer and author Benoit Denizet-Lewis and Tom Matlack,
author of the book.

"We’re creating a completely new kind of media property
that addresses a vastly underserved demographic of thoughtful, intelligent men,"
said Good Men Media CEO Lisa Hickey.

"We are doing so in a way that
embraces and leverages social media so that revenue is generated not just from
advertising, but product and affiliate sales."


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  1. Is a great magazine. They’ve really blown up quick- i see them all over the web. pretty cool. finally a men’s mag that isn’t all T&A and $5000 suits. good articles.