San Francisco – The Recording Industry Association of
America (RIAA) has asked a federal judge to appoint a "receiver" to
ensure that file-sharing software provider LimeWire complies with an injunction
that it disable distribution of its software, CNET reported. While
LimeWire complied with the initial court order, halting distribution of its
file-sharing client a day after the injunction was handed down in October, a
rogue version of the application surfaced weeks later.

A "secret"
development team released "LimeWire Pirate Edition" earlier this
month, TorrentFreak reported.

In its filing, the RIAA alleges this software was
created by an individual who is "either formerly or presently a Lime Wire
employee," and asked the court to compel LimeWire to aid its investigation
into who is distributing LimeWire Pirate Edition.

The RIAA adds that, "defendants
have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they either will not or cannot do
what the injunction commands."



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