Palo Alto, Calif. – Facebook temporarily removed the fan
page and disabled users’ ability to "like" stories and direct links
to Lamebook, a parody site which is in a legal dispute over trademarks with
Facebook, TechCrunch reported. After receiving cease-and-desist notices from
Facebook, Lamebook asked a federal court to declare that its site does not
infringe Facebook’s trademark, arguing it should receive First Amendment
protections as a parody.

"Well, Facebook didn’t like us sticking up for
ourselves, so they shut down our Fan Page, are preventing any users from
‘liking’ us, and won’t even let you share URLs with your friends if they point
to Lamebook," the company wrote, in response to Facebook’s move.

light of this, be sure to follow us on Twitter so you get updated with the
latest and funniest of the lame!"

Facebook responded to TechCrunch’s story
with a statement, indicating the fan page removal and Like-blocking were a

"This was a mistake on our part. In the process of dealing with a
routine trademark violation issue regarding some links posted to Facebook, we
blocked all mentions of the phrase ‘lamebook’ on Facebook," wrote Facebook
chief technology officer Bret Taylor.

"We are committed to promoting free
expression on Facebook. We apologize for our mistake in this case, and we are
working to fix the process that led to this happening."



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  1. If Facebook wants to ‘be the internet’ it has to start allowing everything onto it’s site. Otherwise a very sterile, censored, boring place the web will be.