Dublin, Ireland – Irish ISP Eircom on Wednesday announced
the launch of a new digital music service for its subscribers, as it reaffirmed
its partnership with record labels to implement a "three strikes"
disconnection penalty for file-swappers.

The MusicHub service offers unlimited
free streaming for all Eircom subscribers, who can pay an additional $7.94 per month
for 15 song downloads or $17.22 for 40 downloads.

For non-subscribers,
unlimited streaming runs $9.27 per month, or $15.90 with 15 bundled downloads,
and $30.49 with 40 downloads.

The launch of Eircom’s MusicHub comes a day after
U.K. satellite broadcaster BSkyB announced plans to shutter its similar Sky
Songs digital music service.

The move by Eircom to warn and then disconnect
repeat file-swappers comes after the ISP was sued by the major record labels.

"Eircom is proceeding with implementation of the protocol which could
result in the suspension and ultimately disconnection of broadband service for
those customers who deliberately and persistently infringe copyright," the
company said in a statement.

After three warnings of suspected copyright
infringement on file-sharing networks, an Eircom subscriber now faces a
seven-day suspension of his or her Internet access; another infraction results
in a year-long disconnection.


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