Los Angeles – "Avatar" was the
"most-pirated" movie of 2010 on Internet file-sharing networks,
racking up 16.6 million downloads on BitTorrent alone, according to a list
compiled by TorrentFreak. The previous record for the most downloads of a film
in a single year went to last year’s "Star Trek," which counted 11
million downloads.

Other films in the top ten for illicit downloads in 2010
included "Kick-Ass" (11.4 million downloads); "Inception"
(9.7 million); "Shutter Island" (9.5 million); "Iron Man 2"
(8.8 million); and "The Hurt Locker" (6.8 million).

noted that the two top-grossing films of the year — "Toy Story 3"
and "Alice in Wonderland" — did not make the download top ten.



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