San Francisco – Two groups of attorneys that in 2010
targeted individuals for downloading adult movies and independent films are now
teaming up, CNET reported.

Kenneth Ford, an attorney who helped pornography
producers including Axel Braun Productions file copyright infringement lawsuits
against tens of thousands of individuals, is teaming with Dunlap, Grubb &
Weaver (DGW), a firm that — working as "U.S. Copyright Group" — has
sued alleged file-swappers on behalf of the producers of films including
"The Hurt Locker.

Ford told CNET that DGW today filed suit against nearly
15,000 John Doe defendants in the District of Columbia.

Meanwhile, DGW
co-founder Thomas Dunlap told CNET the firm plans to recruit attorneys from
different regions so it can more easily file suit against file-swappers in various


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