Los Angeles – Disney (NYSE: DIS) has voiced concerns to the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) about conditions the agency is considering
imposing on its approval of the proposed merger of Comcast (NASD: CMCSA) and NBC Universal (NYSE: GE),
the Los Angeles Times reported.

Media reports earlier this week indicated the
FCC chair Julius Genachowski wants approval of the deal conditional on Comcast
being compelled to provide TV shows to rival online services, and agree to be
bound by open Internet conditions for a period of seven years.

Susan Fox, a
vice president of government relations for Disney, this week met with senior
staff of FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, and according to a regulatory
filing disclosing the conversation spoke about Disney’s concerns "that may
be dependent on or that would affect the marketplace negotiations of
independent third-parties."

The Times notes this is the first public
action that Disney has taken in the merger review process; Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) and
Viacom (NYSE: VIA) have also registered opinions, with the latter voicing concern that
Comcast will favor its own programming over that of third-party producers.


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