Davos, Switzerland – A former employee at WikiLeaks on
Friday announced the launch of a new rival service, OpenLeaks, which aims to
differentiate itself by offering sources more options on how their documents
are released, the Associated Press reported.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg reportedly
had a falling out with WikiLeaks head Julian Assange, but told AP the two sites
and other copycats will complement each other and "decentralize"
their work.

The main difference with OpenLeaks is it will not actually publish
any documents itself, leaving the choice up to sources submitting them to determine which media outlets to share them with.

The responsibility of dealing
with government response to leaks, and reviewing documents for redactions will
then be left up to the media organizations.

"We are not going to get under
the same kind of scrutiny from governments and big corporations as WikiLeaks is
currently," Domscheit-Berg told AP.


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