Washington – Some 23.8% of global Internet traffic involves
"digital theft," with the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol accounting
for 11.4% of this figure, according to a study commissioned by NBC Universal
and conducted by brand and trademark monitoring firm Envisional.

In the U.S.,
the study estimated 17% of Internet traffic is "infringing," with
BitTorrent traffic accounting for 9% of this total.

Envisional’s analysis of
the top 10,000 peer-to-peer swarms found that 99.24% of non-pornographic
material being traded was copyrighted material.

It also found that
"infringing cyberlocker sites" accounted for 5.1% of global Internet
traffic, while "infringing video streaming sites" made up 1.4% of
global traffic.

"Bottom line, according to this new study, nearly
one-quarter of the traffic on the Internet involves the unauthorized
distribution of copyrighted material such as movies, TV shows, music and video
games," said Bob Pisano, president and iterim CEO of the Motion Picture
Association of America (MPAA).

"Whether you call it piracy, digital theft,
illegal downloading or unauthorized streaming, it’s stealing the creative work
of others."


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