Englewood, Colo. – A federal court has lifted a stay on the
patent infringement lawsuit filed by satellite TV firm DISH Network (NASD: DISH) against
TiVo (NASD: TIVO), a move that both sides touted as a victory in the years-long patent
dispute between the companies.

TiVo originally sued DISH for violating its
"time-shifting" digital video recorder patent; DISH countersued TiVo,
alleging infringement of four of its patents.

TiVo notes in its response to the
stay being lifted that DISH’s patent case "has been whittled down to one
patent, a patent on which EchoStar has changed its position on the meaning of
claim terms."

DISH applauded the court’s decision.

"We are pleased
that the court granted our motion to lift the stay in our patent infringement
action against TiVo," the company
said in a statement.

"The patent in this case withstood two re-exam petitions by
TiVo seeking to invalidate it. We look forward to the trial."


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