Mountain View, Calif. – Google (NASD: GOOG) has weighed in on an ongoing
lawsuit against file-sharing search engine isoHunt, agreeing with the court’s
finding that the service violates copyrights, but voicing concerns on how the
court arrived upon its decision, TorrentFreak reported.

A court last May handed
down a permanent injunction against isoHunt, which was sued by the Motion
Picture Association of America.

The file-sharing search index had argued its
service is no different from Google’s search engine, which returns many of the
same results for media files available online.

"While in agreement with
the result reached in this case, Google is concerned that some of the reasoning
offered by the district court goes too far and would upset the careful balance
between copyright protection and technological innovation struck by the Supreme
Court and Congress. Particularly because this case is not a hard one, it should
be decided narrowly," Google states in its brief.

"The court complicated
a straightforward [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] case by wading into an
unnecessary discussion of the relationship between the statutory safe harbor
and judge-made principles of secondary liability, including inducement."

addition to the U.S. court decision at hand, which isoHunt is appealing, the
company was also by the major record labels for copyright infringement in its
home country of Canada earlier this month.


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