Espoo, Finland – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) said on Tuesday that it has filed a
second patent infringement complaint against Apple (NASD: AAPL) with the U.S. International
Trade Commission (USITC), further extending the two-year-old patent fight
between the firms over mobile devices.

The new complaint alleges that Apple is
infringing on Nokia patents covering "multitasking operating systems, data
synchronization, positioning, call quality, and the use of Bluetooth

Nokia first sued Apple for patent infringement in U.S.
federal court in 2009; Apple then countersued, followed by Nokia’s first
complaint lodged with the USITC.

Apple later filed its own complaint against
Nokia with USITC, while Nokia has since filed additional patent suits against Apple
in both the U.S. and abroad.

A judge with the USITC last week ruled against
Nokia in its first complaint, stating that Apple has not violated the patents
at issue in that Nokia complaint.


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