New York – A whopping 80% of Americans say they would be
willing to pay "nothing" per month to read a daily newspaper’s
content online, according to a new survey conducted by Adweek/Harris Poll. Of
the remaining one in five who say they would be willing to pay a fee for online
newspaper access, 14% said they’d pay $1-$10 per month, while just 4% would pay
$11-$20, and 2% would fork over more than $20 per month.

These figures are
actually lower than those recorded in late 2009, when 23% said they would be
willing to pay for online newspaper access.

The new poll found that younger
adults (18-34) were more likely (26%) to pay, compared to 15%-18% for all other
age groups. A quarter of men (25%) surveyed would pay for access, compared to
15% of women.



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