Los Angeles – The Chinese government has instituted a new
guiding framework for music copyright protection online, after discussions with
record labels, publishers and industry associations, Music Ally reported,
citing a translation from local music firm R2G. The Beijing Copyright Bureau noted
that copyright holders believe they face "an inordinate amount of work to
not only prove their ownership but also to issue take-down notices whilst
Service Providers seek sophisticated ways to perpetuate music piracy, most
commonly abusing Safe Harbour Laws and using their technology platforms as a
cover to facilitate users’ uploading of copyrighted content."

The Bureau
said it will set up a new public website for copyright owners to register their

Service providers will then be required to "automatically take down
copyrighted works that they know of or should have known that users do not have
the right to upload," and must do so "within 24 hours upon notice by
the copyright owner."

The R2G report notes that an initial batch of ten
record labels, producers and distributors signed on to what was termed the
"proposed regulatory framework."



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