Los Angeles – The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has subpoenaed cloud-based file storage service, seeking information on users of the service believed to have uploaded pre-release recordings, The Hollywood Reporter and Ars Technica reported. positions itself as a business service, where users can upload and share word processing, spreadsheets and other files, but the service also allows users to upload media files.

“The RIAA issued a 512(h) subpoena on Box.Net as part of a routine investigation into a pre-release leak. The fact that Box.Net is a cloud service has nothing to do with our investigation,” RIAA spokesperson Cara Duckworth told Ars Technica. said it will comply with the subpoena requests.

“We take the confidentiality of our customers’ information very seriously, but just like all other businesses, we are legally required to comply with court orders,” Box.Net told THR.

“Our compliance will be limited to the information the court requires we produce. At Box, we’re primarily focused on powering collaboration and information sharing within businesses, and it’s rare that we run into copyright infringement issues in those instances.”


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