Los Angeles – The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) this week asked a federal court to order Zediva to shut down its streaming DVD rental service, arguing it provides unauthorized “public performances” of its member studios’ works.

The studios previously sued Zediva’s corporate owners and founder and CEO on April 4 for copyright infringement.

Zediva recently debuted its streaming movie service, which uses individual DVD players and copies of movies as the sources of its streams to individual users.

The company says its burdensome delivery method, along with being legal, allows it to offer titles not yet available on any other streaming service.

“Defendants use Internet streaming technology to transmit performances of the Studios’ movies from DVD players at their data center to their customers around the country. The Copyright Act, however, gives the Studios — not Defendants, and not anyone else — the exclusive right to publicly perform their works.”

The MPAA’s motion for a preliminary injunction is expected to be addressed on July 25 in federal court in California.


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