Los Angeles – Nintendo on Tuesday unveiled its next-generation game console, the Wii U, which will come with a new mini-tablet touchscreen controller.

The company said that the system will ship sometime between next April and the end of 2012.

Nintendo said the Wii U will be able to display graphics in 1080p high-definition, and will be backwards-compatible with existing Wii controllers and game titles.

The new Wii U controller sports a 6.2-inch, horizontally-oriented touchscreen, motion-sensing technology and analog controls on either side of the screen.

At its E3 Expo presentation on Tuesday, Nintendo demonstrated a title for the new system called “Chase Mii,” where a number of players using first-generation Wii controllers and looking at the television display chase after a player using the new Wii U controller, who has an exclusive view of a map on the controller’s display that cannot be seen by the other players.


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