Tokyo – Sony on Tuesday announced that it will begin selling its next-generation handheld game system, the PlayStation Vita, for $249-$299 in the fall.

A Wi-Fi model will sell for $249, while a model that also features a 3G connection — via AT&T in the U.S. — will sell for $299.

The device sports a 5-inch touchscreen front display, multi-touch pad on the rear, and two analog sticks.

Sony said the Vita will come with applications that allow users to locate nearby gamers, and a “Party” mode that enables voice or text chat during online gaming or when using other applications.

The company said on Tuesday that its previous-generation PSP handheld game system, which debuted in December 2004, has now sold 70 million units worldwide.

Separately, Sony said it plans to introduce a $499, 24-inch 3D display in the fall. The HD LCD display will come bundled with 3D glasses that will retail for $69, and developer Insomniac Games’ “Resistance 3.”


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  1. I’m really excited about Vita. Still I’m hoping there will be more games coming to EU/US than we had on PSP the last 2 years and also they better have an impressive launch line-up as otherwise the console might suffer 3DS’s fate in Japan. It’s sad that I’ll prolly have to wait until the price drops a bit though cuz it’s quite pricy.