Mountain View, Calif. – Violin Memory, a developer of memory arrays, said on Tuesday it has raised $40 million in its third round of funding, just four months after the company closed its second round at $35 million.

Violin did not disclose the identities of its latest backers, but Toshiba and Juniper co-led the previous round.

“Our new capital will allow us to speed up product development and global expansion in Europe and Asia to surpass $100 million in revenue this year, the first step in building a billion dollar company,” said CEO Don Basile, the former chairman and CEO of Fusion-io.

“This pace of revenue growth will continue to make Violin the fastest growing storage company in the last decade.”

Mountain View, Calif.-based Violin’s silicon storage systems combine software, Toshiba NAND Flash, DRAM and distributed processing. The technology is currently being used in data center for companies like AOL, Perforce and Microsoft.

The company now has raised $85 million.


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