New York —, a startup online radio company, has gained over 140,000 users since launching its service to the public earlier this month.

The music service, which requires a personal invitation to gain access, allows its users to act as animated DJs by playing music in a room with their friends while mixing artists they enjoy. According to some, the new service could pose a threat to Pandora Radio; Richard Greenfield of BTIG Research argues that is more “social” than Pandora.

“Turntable.FM is actually so social, that you cannot even listen to full-songs if you are alone in a room – you have to be a part of a listening room with at least one other person and cannot enter the Turntable site unless you have at least one Facebook friend who has joined Turntable,” said Greenfield.

Users can choose to either upload their own songs or listen to music available in’s music library. The only way to sign up for the service is through Facebook ID verification.

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