Players of EA Sports’ international best-selling FIFA franchise got insights into the soccer video game’s future when Andrew Wilson, EA Sports’ senior vice president of worldwide development, gave the keynote address at the Develop Conference in Brighton, U.K., as reported Friday.

With the release of FIFA 12 (pictured) later this year, EA will launch Football Club, an online service that links every version of FIFA together regardless of release date or platform, as was confirmed on June 6. Players will have one single identity for their entire FIFA experience, sharing their performance and socializing with other players

“I think the most convenient way for the consumer to get 7 gigabytes’ worth of FIFA these days is still to buy it on a disc, Wilson said. “That will change. I think that Football Club this year is turning the FIFA you buy on a disc into a live service that changes every day and every week that you play.”

He said he could easily foresee a time when players would not be willing to pay $60 up-front anymore. Discs are convenient for such large amounts of data, but that will become less of a factor as broadband becomes more universally available.

“Over time, based on consumer feedback, those chunks that we deliver on that day-to-day, week-to-week basis are going to get bigger, and the releases that we do on an annual basis are going to get smaller, and ultimately you end up in a place where we are delivering a true, consumer-driven live digital service,” Wilson said.

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