Wickford, Eng. — The British police announced Wednesday the arrest of a 19-year-old man believed to be the spokesman of the online hacker group, Lulz Security, The New York Times reported.

The police contend the man is linked to the criminal activity known as “hacktivist” groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous. These groups have been linked to cyber attacks against Sony, PBS, the Senate and a company associated with the F.B.I., and several contractors who handle sensitive government documents.

Allegedly using the name “Topiary” as his Twitter alias, the young man described himself as a “simple prankster turned swank garden hedge.” Authorities have not disclosed the true identity of the suspect, who was arrested in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland.

Just two days after law enforcements arrested a slew of people potentially connected to crimes committed by Anonymous and Lulzsec, Topiary tweeted that authorities “cannot arrest an idea.”

The news comes just days after Anonymous told PayPal account users to cancel their accounts because of the arrests. Both eBay and PayPal witnessed a 3 percent drop in shares shortly thereafter.

However, PayPal spokesperson Anuy Nayar, denied Anonymous’ request had any effect on business. “We haven’t seen any changes to our normal operations, including account opening and closing,” said Nayar.

Currently the police are questioning a 17-year-old on the same topic, but have yet to take any further action.

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