Angel, a company known for customer experience management solutions, is bringing its voice technology to social networking. Today it announced two products, VoiceForTwitter and VoiceForFacebook, that incorporate Angel’s interactive voice response technology into consumer products and will be available before the end of the year.

VoiceForFacebook lets users can call the service’s phone number to update their status and provide wall updates using just their voice. VoiceForTwitter allows users to post an audio message that will be shared as a link to an audio file on their Twitter feed. Both are free.

Users also can create custom phone-enabled pages or feeds with a unique phone number within Facebook and Twitter to allow anyone to post audio comments to that page or feed, as Angel enabled for the U.S. Women’s World Cup soccer team on Facebook.

Dave Rennyson, president of Angel, said enterprise versions of these products could help businesses leverage social networks as a customer service channel and create a customized experience with the brand.

“VoiceForTwitter and VoiceForFacebook each introduces a massive opportunity to evolve the way users connect and share updates over social networks,” he added. “For consumers, each solution not only allows users to personalize their interactions with their friends, but also literally have their voice heard when communicating with companies.”

To prevent pranking and preserve privacy, users register the phone number they’ll be calling from, then sync the service to their selected social media account.