Google has added a music discovery site, featuring original content and free songs, to the Music Beta cloud-based service the company launched three months ago. Magnifier, the new site, is the first indication of what a fully-featured Google Music store might look like.

Magnifier feels rather basic in these earliest days, and there are no options for buying songs. There are options for getting free songs, however. Magnifier offers a free song of the day and an archive of other music, all of which can be added to a user’s Music Beta account with a single click. That smooth integration is another clue regarding a future when the service comes out of beta.

Magnifier debuted with American indie band My Morning Jacket as the featured artist, enabling Music Beta users to add two songs to their cloud library, one of which is a live recording of The Day Is Coming not available elsewhere.
Magnifier promises to include videos of live performances, interviews with artists, explorations of different musical genres and free songs that can be added to any Music Beta collection.

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