Starbucks has expanded the types of digital entertainment it gives away on its Pick of the Week download cards. Having been just music, the downloads now include Apps, TV shows, book excerpts, and other products that can be purchased from Apple’s iTunes Store.

The initial non-music download doesn’t stray far from music, however. Starting Tuesday, customers could pick up a free download code for Shazam Encore, an app that normally costs $5.99. It instantly identifies any song being played in its vicinity and provides relevant tour info, recommendations, lyrics in time with the music for many songs, and an in-app opportunity to purchase the song.

Next week the free download will be Spy Mouse (formerly called Agent Squeek) from Firemint and Electronic Arts, an “addictive game of danger, intrigue, stealth and cheese developed by the makers of Flight Control,” as a post on the Starbucks blog describes it.

After that, the Pick of the Week freebie will be another song. The downloadables will continue to be mixed from then on, a change that according to the company blog post is a result of customer requests.

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