Blade Games World went live with a limited beta release of Jumala, the company’s free gaming destination and platform that enables players to create, play and share 3D games in a social environment. The announcement was made Sunday at PAX Prime 2011, a three-day game festival in Seattle also known as Penny Arcade Expo.

Jumala is a social environment that makes a game out of game creation, although participants may choose just to play others’ creations, by offering a range of templates and other modules. Players earn points by adding collectibles, enemies or modifying elements in an existing game or by creating an entirely new game. Higher point levels unlock improved skills and capabilities, and the platform encourages players to chat and collaborate with each other. Other rewards and virtual currency – called “spark” – are also part of the experience.

“We made Jumala to change the way consumers think about game creation,” said Virl Hill, CEO of Blade Games World. “Whether they want to build, play or both, Jumala offers an infinite number of fun, intuitive game experiences that are different for everyone, every time.”

Jumala is working to add additional features such as leader boards for the designer and the player to see how well others are doing, gifting to friends, and integration with other popular social media platforms.

Blade Games World was established in 2009 and has more than $4 million from investors that include California Technology Ventures, China Seed Ventures and private individuals.

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Image from Jumala courtesy of Blade Games World