LyricFind is feeling the love for the BlackBerry PlayBook, even if Sprint has decided not to carry the 4G version of Research in Motion’s flagship tablet. The leading provider of legal lyrics services has expanded its popular lyrics app with a version specially designed to take advantage of the PlayBook’s screen and capabilities.

As with its existing Apple iOS and Android apps, LyricFind gives PlayBook users access to the lyrics of more than 1.5 million songs, representing over 40,000 artists and 200,000 albums, which the company reports is the largest legal collection available. Songs are searchable by artist, title, the lyrics themselves and other criteria, and a bookmark option makes content readable offline.

Users can also access artist images and bios, discographies, album art and popularity charts. The PlayBook version presents this information in a split-screen interface, with the selected content on the right (as pictured) and navigation with recommendations on the right.

“We are excited to be the first to bring a high quality, legal lyrics application to the PlayBook”, said Darryl Ballantyne, LyricFind’s CEO. “The PlayBook is a top-notch device with an excellent media experience, and enjoying lyrics alongside your music is a key component to a complete music experience.”

LyricFind has licenses in place withall major publishers (EMI, Warner-Chappell, Universal/BMG, and Sony/ATV), as well as thousands of independent publishers. LyricFind’s database also powers services such as Microsoft’s Bing,, Slacker, Shazam, LyricsMode, Universal Music Group and others.

As for that Sprint situation, RIM is not discouraged. Sprint bases its 4G services on WiMax, and “RIM has decided to prioritize and focus its 4G development resources on LTE,” the company said in a statement.

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