Facebook plans to launch a music platform at its f8 conference on Sept. 22, according to multiple news reports. Rather than create its own, the leading social network will be integrating multiple existing services such as Pandora, Spotify and Mog, utilizing existing features like Facebook Connect and Facebook Likes.

The news was first reported on GigaOm two months ago and was confirmed by CNBC yesterday. By opting against its own service, Facebook will get the advertising revenue benefits of the additional user engagement and longer site visits without having to deal with licensing issues and everything else that goes into creating a legitimate music services.

Based on information from contacts within the music industry, GigaOm said Facebook’s plans include adding a new tab called Music to the left-hand column of users who have activated one of the partner music services. That tab will open a comprehensive Music Dashboard with controls, music notifications, friends’ recommendations, popularity charts and more.

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