Responding to customer frustration with finding apps in the Android Market, Verizon Wireless and Chomp today announced a deal that will integrate Chomp’s search technology into the newly redesigned Verizon Apps. This will add the capability to search by what an app does without knowing its name.

Verizon Wireless is previewing its redesigned mobile app storefront, Verizon Apps, at the Verizon Developer Community which ends today in Las Vegas. Chomp already offers its search technology as both an iOS and an Android stand-alone app, and in May the app was added to Verizon Wireless’ V CAST Apps. Now the app is more deeply integrated into Verizon Wireless’ customer offering.

“As the number of apps has exploded, app discovery can be a challenge for mobile users. Customers who use Verizon Apps store want to find the apps they want easily and quickly, and by integrating Chomp’s search engine, we’re enhancing that experience,” said Todd Murphy, director, Consumer Solutions Group at Verizon Wireless.

Chomp’s “learns” the function of each app by combing through information about it that’s available across app marketplaces, Twitter, Facebook, and various blogs and websites, then using proprietary algorithms to crunch that data into useful, searchable form.

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