It takes in-game currency to do well in many Facebook games. For those who have had enough of things like searching for berries or answering surveys, but who don’t want to get out a credit card, BringIt has comes up with a different way to get coinage: betting on head-to-head challenges.

Among the companies signed up to use this feature of BringIt’s real-time transactional platform are CrowdStar, East Side Games, Sometrics and Mall World, with a combined reach of over 2.1 million daily active users.

People playing a BringIt partner game can win or lose virtual currency by playing skill-based mini games with each other and wagering on the outcome, with the currency exchange occurring automatically when the match is complete. Challenges are made and accepted using social media.

BringIt founder and CEO Woody Levin said implementing the third-party platform takes web publishers less than a day and enables them to add tournaments, solo challenges, leaderboards, gifting and other features to existing games. He added that BringIt is the only company that is able to consume Facebook Credits on a distributed basis, meaning it can be plugged into any Facebook application and accepts Facebook Credits. Payouts are in each partner game’s own currency, however.

Pot Farm fans like playing the Gold Rush mini-game powered by BringIt,” said Josh Nilson, East Side Games studio manager. “The mini-game experience offers added game play and an extra layer of social engagement. The new head-to-head functionality gives our players a new and exciting way to interact with each other and our game, while also increasing revenue, retention, and engagement,”

Funded by Blumberg Capital, Seraph Group, and ErGo Media Capital, BringIt is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City.

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