Today’s entry into the burgeoning  battle for streaming service content and customers, Miramax announced it has signed a multi-year agreement to bring many of its movies to Hulu subscribers in Japan. It follows on from a U.S.-only deal in June that put hundreds of Miramax films on the Hulu Plus subscription service, along with a smaller selection on the ad-supported Hulu.

The deal takes effect immediately across all major platforms. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

“We are pleased to partner with Hulu in Japan, which has built a compelling platform in a market we are very focused on,” said Mike Lang, CEO of Miramax. “We look forward to making our terrific movies available to many more television and digital platforms in Japan, as well as other markets throughout Asia, as the audience continues to expand exponentially and new platforms continue to proliferate.”

Among the titles included in the agreement are From Dusk Till Dawn, Gone Baby Gone, Good Will Hunting, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Swingers, There Will Be Blood, Scream and Spy Kids.

Earlier this month Miramax signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix, one of Hulu’s main competitors, to stream hundreds of its titles in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

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