Sony has added a new package to PlayStation Home that encourages users to generate and share their own content. Called the Loot Active Camera and developed by Sony DADC Digital Services, it lets users record video from within in the PlayStation Home social game platform and enables creators to upload directly to YouTube.

The Loot Active Camera eliminates the need for a separate capture card, third-party software or other equipment, making it possible to experiment with machinima inexpensively and without a steep learning curve. Recording and basic editing are controlled through the familiar XrossMediaBar graphical user interface.

“With more than 100 machinima-related items already available in the Loot store, the addition of the Loot Active Camera will help machinima artists take their productions to the next level and offer a fun new activity in PlayStation Home to all our customers,” said David Sterling, vice president of business development at Sony DADC. “With the ability to now record and upload directly to YouTube or the PS3 XMB, it will be easier and less expensive than ever for people to realize their creative visions on the platform.”

The virtual camera itself is $2.99, but many PS3 users probably will opt for the $4.99 bundle that includes the Loot Active Camera along with the Loot Active Light and the Loot Modular Stage Set 3 personal space. There are numerous other additions to increase creative options, including room sets, stage sets and special themes like Ghostbuster’s Firehouse: On Location, the Mad Scientist Starter Kit, and inside and outside an airplane.

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