Potomac, Md. – A new Potomac-based start-up aims to provide Internet users with an entertaining forum for ranking just about anything, from “top NFL quarterbacks” to “best iPhone apps.”

Rankpad, launched by DC-area entrepreneur Andre Averbug, is currently in open beta testing, with plans to roll out new features over the next few months that will focus on deeper integration with social networks and expanding its revenue model.

“I’ve always been fascinated by rankings and realized that there wasn’t a good place on the web where the ranking experience was fun and social,” said Averbug, who previously also co-founded PV Inova and Incentivador.

At its core, the site allows users to create and compare rankings, then share them through Facebook and Twitter. Averbug, however, said that rankings can be more than just fun, also influencing purchase decisions, such as the best cameras to buy or music to download.

“We hope to partner with content providers, e-commerce properties and other strategic players to drive revenue,” he said. The company so far has raised one round of friends and family funding, and hopes to eventually land more from angels or venture capitalists.

This article was also published in Potomac Tech Wire.

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