YouTube now offers the cloud-based video editing platform WeVideo, as well as having made a few other tweaks to improve the service.

Some of the additional changes include an updated Charts page that makes it easier to find videos of interest, an improved playlist bar that makes video details and controls for visible, and a redesigned end-screen after each video finishes. YouTube also added localization for more countries (for a total of 35) and languages (51, including Croatian, Filipino, Serbian and Slovak).

WeVideo, which optimized its video editor for free use on YouTube, offers a drag-and-drop design interface for music, transitions, titles and other common options. It’s browser based, with the resource-hogging process of rendering taking place in the cloud, so it can be used via smartphone or tablet as well as by computer.

Last week, WeVideo also partnered with Contact Summit, the event that focuses on people using technology to transform commerce, learning, and real-world problems through social evolution. Participants created a collaborative video project documenting the Occupy Wall Street demonstration, using the WeVideo option of allowing multiple users to upload videos to a unique URL with collaborative editing.

Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., WeVideo was founded in 2011 by Norway-based Inspera.

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Photo by flickr user Bogie Harmond, used under Creative Commons license