After years in the game industry, two developers have decided the time is right to start their own company. Christopher Cherubini and David Chiapperino named their new independent studio Jupiter Moon Entertainment, and are about to release their first game, Bunny Popper.

Cherubini most recently was a lead artist at Infinity Ward, home of the hugely successful Call of Duty and Modern Warfare franchises under publisher Activision. He previously was with Electronic Arts, Genuine Games and Funnybone Interactive, which works for publishers such as Vivendi Universal, Mattel and Knowledge Adventure.

Chiapperino has contributed to over twenty titles including Sony Computer Entertainment’s SOCOM 2: U.S. Navy SEALs, Disney/Pixar’s virtual world World of Cars, Disney’s all-ages MMO Toontown Online, as well as Funnybone Interactive.

Jupiter Moon is located in the Los Angeles area and is self-funded. Suitable for all ages, Bunny Popper requires players and their barnyard buddies to rescue a carrot farm from an invasion of evil inflatable bunnies. The company has scheduled it for release before the end of the year rather than wait until Easter.

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Photo of Cherubini (right) and Chiapperino courtesy of Jupiter Moon Entertainment