BBC Worldwide and Stardoll have partnered to add the hugely successful reality TV show property Strictly Come Dancing – known in more than 70 other countries as Dancing with the Stars – to the online community of dress-up and imagination. The deal is an unspecified revenue share.

Stardoll members can join the Strictly Come Dancing “club,” where they can obtain show-related virtual items to decorate their personal suites. Stardoll is revving up enthusiasm by gradually rolling out the features. For an additional £5.95 (just under $9.50) monthly, members also can get a “Strictly Pass” that enables them to add exclusive costumes, familiar props and set design elements for their “MeDoll” avatars. Future benefits of the premium club will be coordinated with what viewers have seen on the show’s broadcast.

Initially the club will be available only in the U.K., but the companies said they will be offering localized versions of it to several other countries within the next several months.

The most recent series of Strictly Come Dancing attracted more than 12 million U.K. viewers. It has a long-standing place in British pop culture, having first appeared on TV screens from 1949 until 1998 as a live competition for serious ballroom dancers. It was refreshed in 2004 as the celebrity reality show now familiar to nearly half a billion people around the world.

In the U.S., Dancing with the Stars regularly dominates its broadcast time slot, with its most recent season finale being viewed live by about 19.5 million people.

Each of the partner companies issued a statement about the deal.

Simon Hutson, director of Digital Development at BBC Worldwide: “Attracting new audiences as well as building strong relationships with some of the show’s most passionate young fans in new and engaging ways marks a very exciting move for the Strictly brand. This digital world allows fans to experience the glamour of the ballroom before, during and after the show’s transmission and ensures they have their own way of interacting with the show in an environment they already socialize in.”

Chris Seth, executive vice president and general manager at Stardoll: “We’re excited to bring a new dimension of digital entertainment to our members with a full Strictly Come Dancing experience complete with outfits from the show, dance club, and fun activities that link to the actual TV programme. This partnership is a perfect match because our members thrive on real world experiences coming to Stardoll.”

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