The Wiggles have signed with Ruckus Media Group to continue their domination of the world’s tinies by creating children’s interactive storybooks for mobile devices.

The first three titles under the worldwide deal are schedule for release in April, for Apple’s iOS and with English language distribution through iTunes at the App Store, followed by additional Apple and Android releases later in the year.

Mike Conway, managing director of The Wiggles (pictured), said the interactive storybooks would be true to the brand’s philosophy of “Wiggle and Learn.” He added, “We are always interested in exploring opportunities that will expand our edutainment platform. We found Ruckus to be a perfect fit for making that a reality and are thrilled about the partnership.”

Ruckus will incorporate The Wiggles’ music, video and educational activities throughout the digital experience in order to deliver learning with entertainment. To date The Wiggles have sold over 24 million DVDs, 7 million CDs and 8 million books in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. They also can be seen on TV in more than 120 countries, in addition to their live performance tours. In the U.S., children can watch The Wiggles on Sprout’s Wiggly Waffle, which airs on PBS Kids Sprout.

“Ruckus and The Wiggles share a commitment to delivering the highest quality children’s entertainment, guided by an understanding of and care for a child’s development,” said Rick Richter, CEO, Ruckus Media Group. “We are tremendously excited to bring our creative expertise to developing storybook applications for one of the world’s most popular, talented and trusted children’s entertainment leaders and to expand The Wiggles’ already strong digital presence.”

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