Hasbro Inc. will be showcasing Hasbro zAPPed Gaming, a new type of iPhone/iPad integration, at the 109th annual American International Toy Fair starting Sunday in New York. These  games feature licensed entertainment content alongside original animations and other enhancements.

Three of Hasbro’s most famous games – The Game of Life, Monopoly and Battleship – are the first to be released in a zAPPed version. The iPad integration works similarly to a second-screen experience for television, by adding additional content and social elements to the normal gameplay.

The Game of Life zAPPed, for example, syncs with each player’s turn on the game board and shows appropriate clips from Vin Di Bona’s America’s Funniest Videos and humorous animations as they travel around the game board. Additionally, players can create their own “Peg Person” avatar and use the app’s virtual spinner on their iPad.

Monopoly zAPPed, which will become available in June, handles all of the banking transactions. It also turns the Chance and Community Chest cards into mini games that affect the player’s progress.

Battleship zAPPed is inspired by the Universal Pictures movie and uses the screen as the playing surface. Once ship pawns are placed on the screen, the iPad will automatically recognize which pawns are in play and when they are moved. This game is set for September 2012.

“Knowing that families are more attached than ever to their mobile devices, we wanted to revolutionize face-to-face gaming with our world famous brands and our proprietary technology to create a unique gaming experience,” said Eric Nyman, Global Brand Leader for Hasbro Gaming.

Owned and operated by the Toy Industry Association, Toy Fair 2012 will showcase 100,000 toys, games and youth entertainment products from more than 1,000 exhibitors.

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