What’s trending online is sometimes but not always the most important news of the day. In recognition of this, Microsoft’s MSN has launched a new service called msnNow to nonjudgementally surface what people on social networks are talking about, searching for and sharing the most on Facebook, Twitter, Bing and

The service’s content is continually updated by human editors using algorithmic and other technological tools.

Users can access msnNow on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via PC, mobile and tablets. They also can sort the content by categories that include entertainment, sports, lifestyle, stories of the day and finance.

In addition to the top level stories, msnNow enables a closer look at any particular topic that covers why it’s trending, recent videos and images, and related tweets, public Facebook posts and information from Bing, MSN and elsewhere on the Internet.

MSN currently has more than 522 million unique users worldwide per month, with localized versions available in 48 global markets and 27 languages.

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