Four fans will be especially engaged in tonight’s season finale of White Collar, since USA Network and Miso have made them part of the broadcast’s companion app.

The project – known as the “White Collar SideShow Superfan-ale” – is based on Miso’s SideShow, a feature that enables fans to customize their own synced second-screen experience. SideShow is a social viewing platform that incorporates personal opinions, favorite quotes, sharing opportunities and more, with show-related prizes and perks for participants. Both companies said this is the first time it’s been used in this way.

Throughout the show’s season, fans who downloaded the Miso app received SideShows of companion content synched to the characters, dialogue and action taking place in the on-air program. USA and Miso identified four “superfans,” viewers who had demonstrated their devotion to the show via the Miso app, and invited them to name their all-time favorite White Collar scenes.

During the White Collar finale tonight, viewers using SideShow will learn a little bit about each of these superfans and be able to watch clips of Mary, Shannon, Chie (pictured) and Joshua’s selections.

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