If digital audio sounds too sterile and flat to you, the AirVinyl app from Sir George Martin’s studio is available to add retro harmonics and ambiance to music played on the iPhone.

The $0.99 app was developed by engineers at Air Studios, which the legendary Beatles producer originally founded in 1969, working with developers at Bappz Ltd.

AirVinyl also includes the capability to create “mix tapes” and playlists from the music on the iPhone, using an interface that looks like a cassette deck, and to access existing iPhone playlists in the app’s mixtape section. Mixtapes can be shared on social networks, and the app is compatible with iTunes Match and iCloud libraries.

The next update will add AirStreem, to link AirVinyl with a user’s Mac over Wi-Fi. New features and additional skins will be added on an ongoing basis.

The newly released iPhone app is in addition to the existing AirVinyl iPad app, which costs $2.99. Danny Kellard, marketing director of Air Entertainment Group said: “With AirVinyl, we set out to recreate the whole vinyl and hi-fi experience, whilst using our expertise as a studio to make an app that delivers a great sound experience from the iPhone and iPad. We also wanted to create an app that users can build on and add components to in the future.”

Maybe a future version could include a Phil Spector mode that plays everything back in monaural.

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