Starlight Runner Entertainment collaborated with two Canadian companies on the online and social media content around Battle Castle: Medieval Media Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Parallax Film Productions; and Agentic Communications. The new series runs weekly on Canada’s History Channel.

Starlight Runner is known for producing transmedia franchises. It worked with Medieval Media on Battle Castle‘s web games like “Masters of Constantinople,” virtual castle tours, social media channels and other extensions, in addition to advising on the creative development of the show’s various platforms, including 3D-ready content both online and for broadcast TV.

Parallax Film Productions executive producer Maija Leivo and president/founder Ian Herring coordinated with digital media partner Agentic Communications and its creative director Phillip Djwa, then jointly tapped Starlight Runner’s transmedia producer Caitlin Burns for creative guidance in the production of Battle Castle’s interactive experience.

Battle Castle brings to life mighty medieval fortifications and the sieges they served to resist, chronicling the history of legendary castles that defied the limits of military technology as they rise, fall and resist the onslaught of medieval armies.

Jeff Gomez, CEO and founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment, said every element of the project “works together cohesively to make the audience relive castlery and siege through the eyes of a warrior.”

Parallax Film Productions’ Leivo said the multinational collaboration was an excellent experience. “Battle Castle has provided an unprecedented opportunity for everyone associated with the project to test and execute the theory of transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms for factual programming. The best part is Jeff Gomez’s aspirational message not only applies to the stories of our castle builders and defenders, but also for all of us as Battle Castle world creators.”

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