Come on, Pond! Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, based on the much-loved television series, is now officially live and out of beta. The browser-based, free-to-play multiplayer online game from BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games was developed in partnership with Three Rings, using characters and situations drawn from what is commonly considered to be the longest-running sci-fi TV show ever.

The game is designed so that serious gamers can get immersed, without intimidating casual players from jumping in to missions and other activities. As with the Tardis, the game is bigger on the inside.

Cult favorite villains abound, like the Weeping Angels, the Cybermen, the shape-shifting Zygons, and of course the Daleks. The telepathic Ood are here too, as are the creepy evil manikins called the Autons. Players choose among four races – Time Lord not among them – from which to create their avatars. Players who purchase Chronons, the in-game currency, can use microtransactions to customize their avatars, build new contraptions, and enhance their gameplay in other ways.

Worlds in Time offers players a multitude of elements and opportunities to socialize,” said Robert Nashak, executive vice president, BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games. “From introducing beloved characters and progressive storylines to presenting additional guild play, our goal is to become the largest Doctor Who community ever assembled, while also being an enjoyable experience for all players.”

Three Rings is best known for Spiral Knights and Puzzle Pirates. The previously independent studio was acquired in Nov. 2011 by Sega Holdings U.S.A. Inc., a division of the Sega/Sammy Corp. of Japan, which it had been working with since they partnered to launch Spiral Knights.

“I have been a fan of Doctor Who since I was a child, so developing this game with BBC Worldwide is a dream come true,” said Daniel James, CEO of Three Rings Design Inc. “Like the Doctor, we have our own mission, to provide Doctor Who fans an experience matched only by the wondrous TV series, and casual gamers a warm opportunity to discover the marvelous world for themselves. It’s exciting to see the Doctor Who universe come to life in such a unique way.”

Doctor Who is broadcast to more than 70 million homes and is available on demand across all major digital platforms.

BBC Worldwide recently confirmed that Karen Gillan (who plays Amy Pond) will will be joining her co-stars Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)  at the first official Doctor Who Convention since the series’ regeneration in 2005. The U.K. event will take place on March 24-25 at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, near the BBC Wales studios where the series is produced.

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