For those enamored of the retro-chic Hipstamatic and Instagram photo apps, Image3D has a product that goes one step further.

Celebrate 3D uses the 3D photos that any Nintendo 3DS can take. It then turns these images into a reel reminiscent of the discs used in a View-Master, the plastic 3D photo viewer now manufactured by Mattel’s Fisher-Price.

Users start by uploading their 3D photos to the Image3D site. They can add text to each photo, and the center of the disc can be customized with a personal image or artwork. Image3D then manufactures personal 3D reels from the online project and mails it to the user.

A single reel contains seven anaglyph 3D images and costs $19.95, with a discount for multiples. An extra $5 with get a viewer packaged with it, for those people who don’t already have one in a desk drawer or toybox.

Rich Dubnow, founder of Image3D, said the reels and viewers make perfect wedding invitations, event thank-you gifts, and remembrances of other occasions that involved shared photos. There’s also a section of the company’s site for marketing and sales people who want to create business gifts or presentations. Other ideas and examples are collected on the Image3D blog.

“With the popularity of 3D movies and TVs, there has also been a surge in the use of 3D cameras and the Nintendo 3DS puts that technology in the hands of millions of people. [But] people also have very few ways to save and display those 3D photos beyond the camera/device itself. That’s where Image3D Celebrate comes in,” Dubnow said. “The Nintendo 3DS is all about having fun, and Image3D reels and viewers put the fun into showing off your best 3D pictures.”

Image3D has no affiliation with Nintendo or View-Master. Dubnow himself does, however, having been lead photographer at View-Master for 20 years of his professional life.

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