Today Family Guy Online opened its doors – even the closet door hiding the evil monkey – to all players.

The freemium game from Twentieth Century Fox and Roadhouse Interactive leverages the Unity engine to provide flexibility; the plan is that new gameplay content and jokes will be added in sync with the TV show and real-world events to keep it fresh. The online fun is scripted by Family Guy writers and voiced by show talent, and clips from the show are also integrated into gameplay as rewards or to provide clues for missions.

Players create their own Griffin Family-style avatar and become citizen of their native town Quahog, exploring its cultural highlights and interacting with the show’s characters and teaming up with other players. Gamers can also, as is appropriate to the humor level, play with themselves.

This is a game, after all, where two of the weapons are the “noxious burp” and the “farticle.”

To avoid being crashed by a sudden influx of fans, those who want to join the beta receive a “Key to Quahog” that registers them and tells them the time and date the “key” can be used to enter the game.

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products created Family Guy Online in partnership with Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door creative team and game developer Roadhouse Interactive.

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