IFC is premiering its new comedy show Comedy Bang! Bang! on June 8, but the channel has already started to generate interest in its companion online show, Reggie Makes Music, by sharing a quirky video starring Jon Hamm and the eponymous Reggie Watts.

Predicting which videos will go viral in an inexact science, but this one has several elements that gave it a good chance: a household name actor (Hamm), a unique musical comedian (Watts), and a kitschy pop culture reference (Taxi).

The premise seems to be that performers have to sing with Watts before they can appear on the broadcast show. Hamm (pictured) gets past this hurdle with a spoken semi-rap freestyle homage to the classic late ’70s TV comedy, Taxi. (The video is posted below.)

Comedy Bang! Bang! is described by IFC as a “spontaneously surreal talk show” that combines character cameos, short films, comedy sketches and games in a half-hour hosted by Scott Aukerman.

Others scheduled to appear include Amy Poehler, Zach Galifianakis, Adam Scott, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.

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