Independently owned and operated online video network Blip has evolved into a one-stop shop for original content with the launch of Blip Studios, and has promoted Steve Woolf to run it as president.

Blip Studios will work directly with brands, talent and independent producers. The original web series that emerge from this development and production process will be monetized and distributed by Blip.

Kelly Day, CEO of Blip, said this initiative is a natural next step in the company’s growth. “The creation of Blip Studios as a multiplatform digital studio producing engaging and innovative content for the Blip network and its partners is a huge value-add for our business,” she said.

Woolfe (pictured), formerly Blip’s vice president of content, also was elevated to senior vice president of content in addition to his role as Blip Studios president. He now is responsible for all content development, production and strategic relationships with media partners, management companies and independent content creators that develop original video for the web.

Woolfe, who has a successful track record both at Blip and in his own right as a web content creator, announced Blip Studios already has entered its first talent and distribution agreements with some of the top independent production companies and shows on their network. Details of three such programs, as provided by Blip Studios, are posted below.

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Three of the programs that have signed with Blip Studios are:

   Nostalgia Critic: With a massive, dedicated audience, Nostalgic Critic, starring Doug Walker, is the long-running hit from production company Channel Awesome. The series features Walker as he critiques and pokes fun at all things nostalgic, especially television and video games from the ’80s and ’90s.

   Nostalgia Chick: Originally a counterpart to the hugely popular series Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgic Chick, produced by Lindsey Ellis, Antonella Inserra, and Elisabeth Hansen and starring Ellis and a roster of guest stars, was focused on nostalgic television and movies targeted for women.  With an engaged audience of millions of monthly viewers, the show has quickly evolved into a critique of popular culture with recurring characters that form a fun, collaborative variety review.

   Todd in the Shadows: Known as “A Guide to Terrible Pop Songs of the Present and Past,” Todd in the Shadows stars Todd Nathanson and has garnered millions of views around the world. Todd is enshrouded in shadow as he takes us through the context of a mainstream pop song, breaking down the minutia of the awesomeness and the awfulness, and establishing a great connection with his audience.