If Google’s results are too dated for your needs, you may want to check out Bottlenose. The new search and discovery engine, which focuses on the social, real-time web, just went live in public beta. For any given search term, it returns an overview of that moment’s relevant trends and conversations as culled from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other immediate sources.

Users can add multiple filters and choose from different ways to view the results. One that’s called Now, for example, presents its findings in three columns to give an overview of the topic. Another option called Paper creates a real-time newpaper. Additional results options include the visualization tool called Sonar and the self-explanitory Pictures.

Nova Spivack, co-founder and CEO of Bottlenose, said, “We’re mapping the global mind in real-time. It’s a new way to tap into collective consciousness that literally lets you see what the world is thinking.”

Bottlenose also offers a Dashboard for users who create a free account, enabling them to save searches, continue tracking trends and and consolidate their social accounts into one view, among other features.

Dominiek ter Heide, chief technology officer and co-founder, said Bottlenose leverages a unique, patent-pending crowd computing architecture. “Bottlenose builds an interest graph for every person, topic and link mentioned in social media,” he said. “It also uses proprietary analytics, natural language processing and trend detection algorithms to map the global brain at any point in time.”

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