The rights-tech ecosystem is evolving continuously, and now, the RightsTech Project is evolving with it.

Starting this month, the experiment that began with this website and the annual RightsTech Summit will expand to become a year-round networking, education and service organization open to all members of the rights-tech community. By joining, members will become part of a unique, cross-industry network of creators, media rights owners, technology developers, investors, and entrepreneurs working to find innovative solutions to the challenges of managing and monetizing copyrights on digital platforms.

In addition to our e-news, website, and conferences, members will enjoy posting privileges to the RightsTech blog and online discussion forum, access to exclusive networking events, participation on our advisory board, and access to a wide range of business-to-business marketing services designed to help rights-tech entrepreneurs and developers reach more than 40,000 decision makers in the media, technology, and creative industries.

Members can also participate in cutting-edge thought-leadership and research initiatives aimed at educating policymakers, investors, and related industries about the evolving rights-tech ecosystem and its potential to unlock new sources of value for creators and rights owners.

“It’s no secret that digital technology has transformed how media content is created and distributed. But until recently, that technology has not really been brought to bear on how the content gets licensed and paid for,” said Paul Sweeting, principal analyst at Concurrent Media Strategies and co-founder of the Rights Tech Project. “We launched the first RightsTech Summit in 2016 to highlight some of the innovative efforts we saw emerging in a number of different media industries to bring the ‘business’ part of the media business up to speed with the ‘media’ part. Since then, interest in keeping the conversation going has only grown.”

Added Ned Sherman, RightsTech co-founder and chairman of Digital Media Wire “From the outset, the goal of the RightsTech Project has been to provide a community for news, analysis and opinion on emerging technologies and technology-enabled strategies for the management, authentication and monetization of creative rights across diverse media industries. By becoming a year-round networking, education, and service organization, we will be able to provide additional services and resources to innovators and thought leaders from across the full range of media sectors as they each grapple with the challenges of managing and monetizing copyrights on digital platforms.”

Three levels of membership means the RightsTech Project is open to enterprises of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Individual memberships are also available.

Click here for more information on membership and on how to join.