Santa Monica,
Calif. –
A large majority (82%) of
the parents of children who play video games, and 75% of children themselves,
are familiar with the Entertainment Software Ratings Board’s (ESRB) voluntary
video game ratings system, according to a survey conducted by The Harrison
Group on behalf of game publisher Activision (NASD: ATVI).

The survey was hatched as part of
Activision’s "Ratings Are Not A Game" initiative, which "focuses
on educating consumers about the ESRB’s rating system and helping parents make
informed decisions about the video games their families play."

The survey
also found that 63% of parents with children who play games consider themselves
gamers, with that number increasing to 83% for parents ages 35 and younger.

Seventy per cent of parents said they "pay close attention to the ratings
when purchasing a game for themselves or their families," while 62% said
they conduct research before purchasing a game their child wants.


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